by Best Dressed

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released October 31, 2014

All songs written and arranged by Best Dressed
Engineered by Ben Andre, Paul Kioris, and Best Dressed
Mixed and mastered by Best Dressed
Cover art by Vivian Ma, Ben DeUrso, and Zack Labadie
Released by Green Line Records



all rights reserved


Best Dressed Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Little Joys
Tell me all your volatile secrets
I can't even blame you
Do you think you're bleeding in real-time?
Cause you sure look fine!

All you lost is innocence, yeah, yeah
In a sense, I'm speaking out

Mister kisser wanted a big one
Now it isn't never enough
He got caught in the basement
Little Joys in the corner they can help you get up

All you have's your lovely face
To stare you in your eyes
To tell you that you're wrong
appropriate disguise
Track Name: Elevator
One day I'll leave for the city
Succumb to addiction and rage
I'll start again with no holds and a life that
keeps me locked in a cage

This city weeps for the children
the ones that drew back from the line
In the machine that blurs people and landscapes
I ask in my gentlest tongue

Stop where you are! We need a charm!
(Unintelligible mumbling)
Attics fall slow, slow, slow

Once again, once again, take me back, take me back once again
I want you to know, want you to know that he's gone, he's gone

Stop where you are! We need a charm!
(Unintelligible mumbling)
Something keeps me alive, keeps me a'waiting
I was in love
It's my beautiful lie!
Track Name: Loretta Lippoth
High noon sun it floods across the half my bed
It's enough to wake me up
Loretta, do you wonder if I'm still around?
cause I do now

In our valley, collecting the sun
Time is passing, delicately undone
Please Loretta be still, if you will

I remember screaming coming from the pond.
It must have been a shame
It doesn't have to be that way

On tight wire! Asking nothing!
Got your head in the air! Yeah, yeah, yeah

It's my crime!
Track Name: Nibian
In a place not too far off from here
near the center of your mind
we were sitting in the tin can!

All at once it's like a surge, man
The inexplicable rush of blood
I touched the back of your neck to feel it
I knew right then where I was

I was interrupted.
I was in the space between.
Mooshada! Mooshada!
Nibian! Nibian!

We decided to go off on and then feel the heating in our cells.
Most hearts are beating, treasuring all layman
I knew I was in it, I knew I would have to go home
Took off the orient, fade out
Our mission to the zone

I was interrupted.
I was in the space between.
Mooshada! Mooshada!
Nibian! Nibian!